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47, Polimeri str., Zip: 382 22, Volos, , GREECE
Phone.: 2421028737, Fax: 2421037989, e-Mailinfo@kentrotzakiou.gr, Web site


The company KENTRO TZAKIOY Karavasilis Dimitrios contributes to the field of wood heating since 1980, launching on to the greek market the almost unknown for the greek standards, closed combustion fireplaces made from cast iron. Our enterprise has proudly to demonstrate a large variety of cast iron fireplaces and also some special constructed fireplaces, the inserts, which are for cases where someone has an already existing open combustion fireplace with functioning problems. In addition, we have extra wide steel made fireplaces with firebricks inside, wood, gas and oil burning stoves, wood, gas and oil burning ovens with or no central heating. Our range of products comes from three different factories in France, INVICTA SA-LAUDEL, GODIN SA and TOTEM FIRE SA and one factory in Spain, HERGOM SA. All the above are among the top European constructors in this field with over 150 years of tradition and technology experience. All the product line of INVICTA SA-LAUDEL are certificated with the NF and the FLAMME VERTE, the products of HERGOM are under the ISO9002 and are approved by the national accosiation of quality AEC (asociacion Espanola para la calidad), GODIN SA has the certificates of NF, CE and FLAMME VERTE and finally TOTEM has the certificate of NF. Our company has the exclusivity of distribution in Greece for all the brands above.

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