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A Fairy-tale Chocolate Factory and Museum in Thessaloniki

TIF-HELEXPO S.A., based on a modern growth model and philosophy, is moving forward by planning and creating new activities to be held on its premises, combining family recreation with education.

Within the framework of such initiatives, for the first time in Greece, Thessaloniki is acquiring a fairy-tale yet real ‘Chocolate Factory and Museum’.

It is, in effect, a unique Thematic Park of European specifications, deployed over a total area of 2,500 m2 - mainly at indoor as well as outdoor premises.

As of September 6, with the inauguration of the 79th TIF event and for six whole months, children, young people and adults can discover great and small secrets about chocolate and sweet delights in a most impressive manner, visiting various thematic units.

Visitors to the ‘Factory’ are going to participate in an unprecedented voyage through time and space into their ‘absolute dream’.

Through unique exhibits, the Chocolate Museum, will reveal to them every detail of this 'voyage' and the process required for the cocoa bean to turn into a mouth-watering chocolate bar.

Visitors follow this trail starting from the real Amazon Jungle and an Aztec Temple; having learned the history of chocolate with the help of impressive new technology media at an Exotic Hut, visitors are led to a true maze of a Pirate Ship that will transport them to the most beautiful Chocolate Factory in the world so as to discover its great secrets.

The biggest Chocolate Waterfall in Europe, the oldest Machinery, the Maze, the Workshops where chocolate and biscuit are made, the Gallery of sculptures, the Exhibition, Art and Culture Halls, the Sweet Library, the Green Room for taking incredible photographs, the Social Point, and, of course, the Educational premises make up an incredible setting.

On September 6, 2014 the great chocolate voyage begins; Get ready, come aboard and become part of this unprecedented experience!

Further information at: www.ErgostasioSokolatas.gr
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ErgostasioSokolatas

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