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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

… in action

Action, essence, unity, result.

Society has trusted our national exhibition agency for the last 88 years. Perhaps it is because TIF HELEXPO is part of society. It was born of the needs and desires of the people surrounding it and as a living part of it, it cannot but survive and grow with it.

Sports, culture, education and training. The most key, sensitive and fascinating sectors, those that give society its creative idiosyncrasy, are at the centre of TIF HELEXPO’s corporate social responsibility actions, in partnership with the majority of cultural and business agencies of the entire country, in order to materialize ideas, cover gaps and bring inspiration to life.


At present, while solidarity escapes the sphere of ideas and becomes part of everyday life, TIF HELEXPO officials do not rest on their laurels and antiquated strategies. The people of TIF HELEXPO must be trained and upgrade their skills, enrich their knowledge and become a dynamic part of communication and implementation in every action they support.

They receive further training in special seminars on subjects concerning communications and public relations, Public and Private Sector Partnerships, cultural issues and media, state procurement issues, IT training, proving, in the end, that evolution is not just a theory.

Evolution is an action carried out for you.