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The 80th TIF is 'firing on all cylinders' as it enters the final stretch of its preparation  and hopes to highlight its anniversary character from 5 to 13 September 2015, including many surprises for its exhibitors and visitors.

The 80th version of the largest and oldest exhibition institution in the country will showcase the innovation, extroversion initiatives and ceaseless efforts to boost the Greek economy and Greek enterprises.

The progress achieved by TIF in recent years is the best legacy for this year's Fair, which includes a total of 14 thematic events covering every aspect of domestic production and entrepreneurship.

The agri-nutritional sector, energy, construction, new technologies and information technology are just some of the subjects of the thematic events.

The Chambers and Regions of the country, participating in the thematic event titled 'Greece and Entrepreneurship' will play a central role at the 80th TIF.

The Chambers include dozens of enterprises under their 'wing', which will present their products and services.

At the same time, the 80th TIF will be complemented by a rich entertainment programme, featuring concerts, musical events and spectacles that are certain to satisfy visitors of all ages.

During this year's Fair, the Choco Factory & Museum will once again be in operation to welcome the young friends of TIF.

Children will also be the focus of the 3rd Theatre Festival, to be held on an outdoors stage at the 80th TIF; in fact, this year's Festival will be a competition, with three monetary prizes.

Interested parties must fill out the special application form (available on the website for the 'Theatre TIF' Festival by August 10 and send it to the e-mail address

The Music Band Festival will continue accepting participants until this Saturday, 25 July 2015.

The Music Band Festival has become an institution and will give dozens of bands and young artists the opportunity to perform on the stage of the 80th TIF (the application form can be found at the webpage:

In this context, the 80th TIF is setting a 'date' with the many hundreds of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors to take them on a journey to its colourful history and highly promising future.