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The 13th Thessaloniki International Book Fair will begin on Thursday, 12 May

The 13th TIBF will open its doors to the public on Thursday, 12 May, while at 19:00 in the evening of the same day, the official inauguration will take place for this year's Fair, which is begin organised by: Hellenic Foundation for Culture, TIF-HELEXPO, Greek publishers and the Municipality of Thessaloniki, under the supervision and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


For four days, Thessaloniki will be the centre of interest for publishers, authors, professionals of the sector and the large book-loving public expected to visit Pavilions 13 and 15 of TIF-Helexpo until Sunday, 15 May, at the annual book meeting. Above all, the Fair is once more an important interactive meeting place for people, creators and readers, concerning books, art and culture.

With Russia as the guest of honour and a thematic exhibition titled 'Refugees, then and now', the Foreign Literature and Translation Festival, the 3rd Young Writers' Festival, the beloved Children's and

Teen's Corner, TIBF features a wealth of events.

The Fair in numbers

The total number of publishers participating in this year's TIBF is almost 300, of whom 214 are Greek and 80 are foreign, coming from 20 countries.

A total of 284 events will be held, of which 135 are events included in the general programme, 27 will be held within the framework of the Refugee exhibition, 46 within the framework of the Translation Festival and 76 in the field of the children's and teens' corner.

Over 500 speakers will be participating in all the above events, including: authors, illustrators, translators, academics, critics, visual artists, musicians, journalists, librarians, teachers, publishers and specialised professionals from the field of publishing.

The Press Conference

As noted by the President of TIF-Helexpo, Mr Tassos Tzikas, during today's Press Conference regarding this year's event, the 13th Thessaloniki International Book Fair will bring a creative 'disruption' to the city. The President also spoke about the role of Russia as the guest of honour, which is a foretaste of Russia's participation in the 81st TIF as guest of honour.

On his side, the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr Yiannis Boutaris, noted that the goal of the Municipality, in cooperation with the national exhibition agency, is to render Thessaloniki International Book Fair a true 'child' of Thessaloniki and not permanently dependent on the capital. "We want TIBF to be the first example of Thessaloniki becoming autonomous", he noted.

The Deputy Mayor for Culture, Ms Elli Chryssidou, spoke about the capability of Thessaloniki to support major events and noted that this year, the Municipality's central stand will focus on refugees and all its actions will deal with the refugee issue.

Mr Giorgos Papanastassiou, a member of the Board of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture and associate professor of Philology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, characterised the effort made to keep the TIBF institution alive as gargantuan, but stressed that this year's event will justify the characterisation of the Fair as the top cultural event in the country. "Apart from a vehicle for culture, books also serves as a 'pretext' for culture", he stated, adding that the programme to be presented by Russia will be first class.

According to Ms Elena Sartori, the representative of the Russian delegation, the Russian participation in the 13th Thessaloniki International Book Fair as the guest of honour will provide a significant boost to the long relationship between Greece and Russia.

Finally, the deputy general director of TIF-Helexpo, Mr Alexis Tsaxirlis, spoke about a major endeavour and multi-faceted event for Thessaloniki and all of Greece, underlining the efforts of all the stakeholders and the staff of the national exhibition agency.

The axes of the 13th TIBF

This year's Fair includes numerous events:

Α. The cultural programme to be presented by Russia, the guest of honour, within the framework of the Year of Greek-Russian Friendship, 2016, will be a journey to the History, Art and Culture of Russia. This major tribute to Russia will feature discussions with authors, round tables, book presentations, lectures, poetry evenings, film showings, exhibitions, collaborative actions with major Russian museums, educational, linguistic and translation programmes, as well as actions for children and teens. This programme consists of numerous action axes in order to present the cultural profile of Russia and its ties to the fields of Books, Art and Education, thus showcasing the contemporary cultural reality of the country. At the same time, existing or potential relations to the cultural life of Greece will be presented, whether these concern the presentation of the programme for the subsidisation of the translation and publication of Russian books in the Greek language or the modern

publishing activity of Russian monasteries on Mount Athos. More specific details can be found in the Press Release concerning the guest of honour.

Β. The thematic exhibition of this year's Thessaloniki International Book Fair, titled Refugees, then and now, aims at highlighting the modern reality of the problem as well as its historical dimensions, and includes: Scientific and sociopolitical Discussions and Colloquiums, Literary approaches and Testimonies, Documentary showings, Artistic exhibitions with works from various forms of art - painting, engraving, sculpture, video art, constructions - book presentations and readings with audiovisual background imagery concerning classic publications as well as publications in the form of comic books, thematic book exhibitions and photography exhibitions.

These numerous events will be held at the premises of the Fair as well as the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, with the participation of distinguished academics, University professors, authors, illustrators, journalists, visual artists, directors, actors, musicians and professionals from the field of book publishing.

The thematic exhibition is being organised in cooperation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Historical Archive of Greek Refugees of the Municipality of Kalamaria, the Central Municipal Library of Thessaloniki, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Publishers, ERT3, the Association of Greek Librarians & Information Scientists (EEVEP), the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Greek Office), the 'ex-ils' artist group and other creators.

C. The spirit of multiculturalism that permeates the international character of TIBF is being supported at this year's event by the participation of 24 foreign authors and a Translation festival that focuses on and discusses issues of language and communication of ideas through translations and translators.

More specifically, the foreign authors who will participate in the 13th TIBF and will meet their fans at the Fair include: 3 from England (Rob Davis, Daniel Hahn, Philip Kerr), 2 from France (Marc Boutavant, Laurent

Binet), 1 from Germany (Carmen-Francesca Banciu), 5 from Israel (Yishai Sharid, Orly Castel-Bloom, Avirama Golan, Alon Hilu, Yael Dayan), 2 from Italy (Diego Marani, Luigi Ballerini), 4 from Canada (Rawi Hage, Madeleine Thien, Joseph Kertes [invited from the Toronto Literary Festival] and Denis Thériault), 1 from Croatia (Ivan Srsen), 2 from Romania (Rostas Zoltan, Monica Savulescu Voudouri), 3 from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Vladimir Martinovski, Stojcevska Antik Vera, Vlada Urosevic) and 1 from the Basque Country (Katixa Agirre Miguélez).

A total of 20 countries are participating in this year's Fair with their own stands: Albania, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Romania, Russia (guest of honour), Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, Turkey and Ukraine.

The Foreign Literature and Translation Festival will be held in the hall named 'BABEL - in the world of translation' found in building 15, focusing on the important role played by our 'global language', translation, and highlighting its contribution to multiculturalism through a comprehensive four-day schedule of events, actions, workshops and discussions.

D. Following the 1st Young Writers' Festival, which was organised in December 2011 by the National Book Centre of Greece, as well as the 2nd Festival that was organised by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (during the 12th TIBF) and its warm reception by young writers and the public, this year the 3rd Young Writers' Festival is being held to provide a platform for young literary voices to be heard.

The criteria for the selection of participants were the following: being up to 40 years old, having published up to two books and not having participated in the two previous Festivals.

An effort was also to keep a 'multilateralism' between Athens and Thessaloniki (and the 'peripheral' regions of the country), poets and prose writers, short story writers and novelists, men and women, and between all ages, as well as to cover most trends in the literary

production of younger authors and to represent, through them, older-established publishing firms, as well as more recent independent publishing firms and magazines. At the same time, recent works are being represented through young creators who have already won or been nominated for state or other important awards. Moreover, the participation of the winners of the 1st Young Writers' Festival was requested, so that they could share their five years of experience since their awards.

The venue of this year's Festival also reflects its identity, as it is being held for the first time in 'Exostis' Hall of Pavilion 15 of TIF, creating an open and, at the same time, protected 'nest' (a 'nestival' of sorts), away from - and in constant communication with - the hustle and bustle of an International Book Fair. The Festival will begin on the afternoon of Friday, 13 May and will continue throughout Saturday, 14 May.

The Festival will include three discussions, numerous readings and various actions, in order to create a trace of interaction between young writers and the public, with the assistance of other arts, the participation of musicians, acting students and actors, coordinated by director Sophia Karakantza.

E. One of the most dynamic attractions for visitors of the Fair is the well-established Children's-Teens'-Teachers' Corner, which will feature numerous events that include narrative, interactive and novel presentations of current book production, as well as presentation of subjects that concern the social and school life of all contributors to Education, as well as parents.

The organisers were also inspired in creating an important action titled Traces with words and images. In the framework of the thematic exhibition of this year's Fair, over 100 authors and illustrators answered the organiser's call to write phrases and paint pictures on the theme of refugees. Their words and images will become the traces that young and old visitors to the Fair will follow on their way towards the Children's Corner.

The main part of the programme was prepared on the basis of proposals by 27 publishers of children's and teens' books: Angyra, Anatypo, Kyriakidis Bros, Varfi,, Diaplassi, Diaplous, En Plo, Epomenos Stathmos, Fagottobooks, Ikaros, IWrite, Kastanioti, Kedros, KeyBooks, Kokkini Klosti Demeni, Kokkino, Kyriakidi, Livani, Mati, Methexis, Metaechmio, Nephele, Children's Law Library, Pataki, Porfyra, Syghroni Orizontes.

The participation of Foundations, Institutes and Agencies is important, as they will present their work and contribute to the Fair with their experience and actions. More specifically, the following institutions will be participating:

Onassis Cultural Centre (Cavafy Archive), the French Institute of Thessaloniki, the Greek IBBY National Section - Circle of Greek Children's Books, the Association of Greek Librarians & Information Scientists, the Municipal Library-Gallery of Thermi and the Artistic Bindery of N. P. Livadiotis.

F. During the 13th TIBF, various Special Events will take place, including:

* Events in honour of Aristotle on the occasion of the official year of Aristotle 2016. In view of the 'Aristotle, 2400 Years' World Congress being organised by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki from May 23 to 28, a pre-congress discussion will take place on the same topic, with the participation of: Pericles Mitkas, Professor at the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering; Rector of AUTh, Dimitra Sfendoni-Mentzou, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy of Science at AUTh; Ioannis Siradakis, Professor Emeritus of Astrophysics at AUTh; Zacharias Skouras, Professor of Genetics at AUTh; Aris Stylianou, Associate Professor at the School of Political Sciences of AUTh; Konstantinos Katsambalos, Professor at the School of Rural & Surveying Engineering of AUTh; Stavros Avgoloupis, Professor of Astronomy at AUTh; Spyros Pavlidis, Professor at the School of Geology of AUTh.

Presentation of the Complete Works of ARISTOTLE and, more specifically, the new annotated scientific bilingual publication (Nissos Publications), with Vassilis Kalfas, Professor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of AUTh, and Pantelis Bassakos,

Professor of Philosophy at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, as speakers.

* Events in view of the Year of Kazantzakis 2017. THE ECUMeNICAL AND TIMELESS WRITINGS OF KAZANTZAKIS. An early celebration of the 'vigilant' Greek writer, on the occasion of the proclamation of 2017 as the year of 'NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS'. A representative of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture will address the audience. Speakers will include: Zoe Samara, Professor Emeritus at AUTh - poet - translator - President of the Thessaloniki Society of Authors; Dimitris Kokoris, associate professor, Faculty of Philosophy of AUTh; Kostas Arkoudeas, author. Excerpts from the works of Nikos Kazantzakis will be read by the actor Dimitris Vayas. Supervisor - presenter: Stelios Loukas, journalist, poet. Organiser: Thessaloniki Society of Authors / 'Each book a journey' broadcast on the TV100 network / Hellenic Foundation for Culture.

* Presentation titled NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS, THE REFUGEE OF GREEK LITERATURE. Speakers: G. Stassinakis, President of the International Society of Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis; D. Ch. Gounelas, Professor of Modern Greek Literature at AUTh. Coordinator: Yuli Ierapetritaki, historian - archaeologist - representative of the ISFNK in Thessaloniki. Organiser: INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF FRIENDS OF NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS.

* Events on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Presentation of the bilingual edition of the book 'The Sonnets' by William Shakespeare, Introduced and translated by Lenia Zafiropoulou. Speakers: Lenia Zafiropoulou, poet - translator; Orpheus Apergis, poet - translator; Kostas Dardanos, publisher.

Event titled 'William Shakespeare - 400 years later / The tomorrow we saw yesterday'. Five poets converse, through their own original texts, with excerpts, fragments and sonnets by the great British playwright. Participants: Thomas Ioannou, Elsa Korneti, Dimitris Leontzakos, Dora Kaskali, Georgia Trouli.

Coordinator - reader of biographical information: Yiorgos Alissanoglou (1st part). Dimitris Dimitriadis as a translator of Shakespeare's work. Coordinator: Yiorgos Alissanoglou (2nd part).

At the same time, professional meetings, thematic colloquiums, translation workshops, round tables, film showings, artistic and dramatic events will be held throughout the Fair.

The 13th Thessaloniki International Book Fair remains faithful to the goal of expanding the horizons of reading, supporting Greek publishers, showcasing young and recognising older domestic and international creators, as well as linking all the above to national and international socio-political circumstances. Above all else, this year's Fair is an important interactive meeting place for people (creators and readers) around the focal point of books, art and culture, while the participation of Authorities, scientific and cultural Foundations and Agencies, as well as the city's University and school community is active at both the actual and the symbolic level, bestowing upon the Fair the character of a major social event.

A detailed schedule of events and thematic Press Releases can be found at the TIBF website:


12 to 15 May 2016


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