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The 79th TIF welcomed 255,536 visitors, exceeding every expectation and proving that the Fair, which has become an institution for Thessaloniki, the broader region and the entire country, is back for good. This marks a 38.1% increase compared to the 185,000 visitors in 2013 and a 132.3% increase compared to the 110,000 visitors during the 2012 Fair. The initial goal of 200,000 visitors set by the administration of the national exhibition centre had been surpassed well before the final weekend of the event, proving the love of the public for the great 'celebration' that took place in Thessaloniki from 6 to 14 September.

Almost 70% of the total number of visitors were youths aged 15 to 38, a particularly encouraging figure for the future of the Fair, which, apart from its old acquaintances, is becoming established in the minds of our youth, as well.

The CERN Exhibition was a particular crowd-pleaser and will remain at Thessaloniki Exhibition Centre for another 45 days; the Choco Factory and Museum, with long queues every day, reached its capacity of visitors and will remain open until March 6; Cheap Art became the meeting point for art lovers; the 'Orthodox Art' event drew attention for its rare exhibits; the MAD NORTH STAGE FESTIVAL, with its popular artists, and all the other thematic events at the 79th TIF contributed to the boom in visitor numbers.

The administration and the employees of TIF-HELEXPO would like to thank the public for embracing the 79th TIF and commit themselves to preparing an even better event next year. After all, 2015 marks a milestone: the 80th TIF, which will have tremendous surprises for the public. In fact, our company employees are already at work, preparing the next event.