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‘One more step towards cultural diversity and an open, cosmopolitan outlook, as dictated by the history and geographical location of Thessaloniki’; this is how Deputy Minister of Culture, Ms. Angela Gerekou, characterised Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair to be held from October 29 to November 1, 2015. The event is to be co-organised by TIF-HELEXPO and Tsatsis Projects/Artforum. Ms. Gerekou added that this venture will encourage the dialogue between artists and the art-loving public, while it will comprise a meeting point for a wide range of artistic trends and creations.  

Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism mrs. Angela Gkerekou

The Deputy Minister stressed that culture can be combined with an extroverted attitude and growth and, therefore, with the economy of the country. She went on to explain exactly how these three parameters, namely, ‘culture, extroversion, and economic growth’ run through the entire philosophy of the Ministry of Culture. Ms. Gerekou also expressed her hopes that the new event will become a platform for the exchange of ideas in the culture sector.    

On his part, Mr. Tasos Tzikas, the President of TIF-HELEXPO, underlined that Art Thessaloniki is, inter alia, an attempt for the national exhibition agency to rediscover its charming relationship with culture, since it has often been the ‘birthplace’ of various significant culture events, such as the Film Festival and the Greek Song Festival of Thessaloniki. 

In his turn, Mr. Kyriakos Pozrikidis, the CEO of TIF-HELEXPO, remarked that such initiatives aim at branding Thessaloniki as an art-lovers’ destination in SE Europe, while he also announced that  a major campaign is to be launched abroad to promote the new exhibition event.   


From left to right. Mr.Haris Savvopoulos  Art Historian and professor at A.U.TH. , mr. Pantelis Tsatsis  art director of Art Thessaloniki, mr. Kiriakos Pozrikidis - Managing Director TIF- HELEXPO , mrs. Angela Gerekou Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, mr Tasos Tzikas president of TIF - HELEXPO and professor of Art Philosophy and PM's culture advisor mr Dimosthenis Davvetas.

«We aspire that Art Thessaloniki will be an open-horizon art-fair that will pave new ways and reveal untapped aspects of the city’s dynamism. The event will embrace Balkan, Black Sea, and Mediterranean countries, Russia, Turkey, Israel and the whole world», underlined the Artistic Director of Art Thessaloniki, Mr. Pantelis Tsatsis.  
The support of the state for this ambitious effort was expressed by Art Philosophy Professor and Culture Advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr. Demosthenes Davvetas. According to Prof. Davvetas, art products should be competitive and the choices made for Art Thessaloniki, as well as its participants, should be of top calibre.
His satisfaction by this effort undertaken in Thessaloniki was also expressed by Art Historian and AUTh Professor, Mr. Charis Savvopoulos. He stressed that such an opening provides the opportunity to numerous young people to get acquainted with works not readily accessible to them.   
Art Thessaloniki is an event investing in the strategic geographical location of Thessaloniki, in the city’s multicultural identity and long and rich history. The event identity will be shaped by art galleries from Greece and abroad as well as a programme of satellite events to be held throughout the city, with the participation of young artists, cultural agencies, foundations, institutes and art publishers.