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'Asterocosmos', the fairytale Christmas land of TIF-HELEXPO, covering 27,000 m2 and illuminated by 5,700,000 Christmas lights, is opening its doors on Friday, 12 December, at 17.00, at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre, bringing festive cheer to the city until 7 January 2015. Its enormous Christmas tree will be lit on Saturday, 13 December, at 20.00, when the Christmas park will be officially inaugurated.

The Frozen Forest, Santa Claus' Stone Village, the Toy Factory, Sugar Paste Village, the interactive, fairytale workshops, the largest amusement park, the two 600 m2 ice-skating rinks and the daily theatrical, acrobatic and musical events are just a few of the impressive sights at this year's 'Asterocosmos'. The Choco Factory and Museum is also dressing up for the holidays, hosting an impressive chocolate Christmas tree.

During today's Press Conference presenting the event, the President of TIF-Helexpo, Mr Tassos Tzikas, described this year's 'Asterocosmos' as an event with a Balkan dimension. "Thessaloniki will tie its wintery image to 'Asterocosmos', which is being established as a pole of attraction for the city during the Christmas season", he stressed.

The CEO of the national exhibition agency, Mr Kyriakos Pozrikidis, noted that the messages regarding attendance are already encouraging, as group bookings from the Balkans and cities from all over Greece have already been made.

The Vice-President of the company, Mr Kostas Dimou, underlined the importance of events, organised by TIF-Helexpo, that invigorate the commercial and tourism activity of Thessaloniki. 

(From left to right, the deputy general manager of TIF – HELEXPO, Mr. Alexis Tsaxirlis, the Managing Director, Mr. Kiriakos Pozrikidis, the President, Mr. Anastasios Tzikas and the Vice- President of TIF- HELEXPO, Mr. Kostas Dimou.)

The deputy general director of TIF-Helexpo, Mr Alexis Tsaxirlis, noted that the national exhibition agency has become a producer of major events, such as 'Asterocosmos', and thanked the creative teams of associates who contributed to the implementation of the theme park.

More specifically, this year's theme park features:-

  • the largest Amusement Park and 2 ice-skating rinks, which young and old visitors can visit as often as they like,
  • daily acrobatic shows, concerts, theatrical performance, interactive and fairytale workshops,
  • the Frozen Forest, Santa Claus and the Toy Factory, the Magical Locations, the Christmas Choco Factory & Museum and the Christmas Book Fair-Bazaar.
  • At the Interactive Workshops, Santa Claus will welcome young and old to a storybook city at Pavilion 13. Each workshop is based on a different scenario. The Book-lovers' Workshop, the Christmas handicraft Workshop, the Clay Workshop, the Nutrition Workshop, as well as workshops focusing on the environment, music, cartoons and gift packaging, make up the super spectacle of interactive workshops. 
  • The Fairytale Workshops (Choco Street) consists of City Game Thessaloniki, a board-game workshops, the Christmas Bakery and the School of Christmas Magic.
  • For the first time in Greece, the real Star World of Santa Claus will come to life before the eyes of young and old visitors, who will be amazed by the beautiful construction and gift workshops, Santa's beloved helpers, the Toy Master and his Seamstress, his large and imposing Office and, of course, his Post Office, where he receives letters from children.
  • At the Frozen Forest of 'Asterocosmos', tree branches are covered by snow and a thin layer of ice, while the nativity scene is a glorious, spectacular work of art located next to Santa's stone village; its creation was supported by the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki.
  • The Magical Locations of Asterocosmos give young visitors the chance to be photographed and to see the Books of Magic, the City of Elves, the Music Box and the Frozen Fairy Castle.
  • At the enormous Amusement Park, 18 different games await visitors, including 'Trambolino', the fairytale 'Carousel' and 'Terminator'.
  • The Publishers' Association of Northern Greece is participating in 'Asterocosmos' and is organising the 'Christmas Book Fair – Bazaar'.
  • The daily schedule of 'Asterocosmos' also includes artistic events that will entertain visitors of all ages. Theatrical performances, acrobatic shows with acrobats from the greatest stages around the world, pantomime shows, Stand-up Comedy, as well as a Jazz Festival, the Paranaue percussion group, Flamenco nights, Bollywood, opera, chamber music and illusion shows, and many other events.

General admission to 'Asterocosmos' (single-person ticket) is 7 euros and includes visits to the entire theme park – except for the Choco Factory and Museum – and unlimited participation in all games, actions and shows, as well as free parking at TIF-Helexpo facilities (entry from Emporiou Gate). Children up to 1m tall do not pay admission. General admission that includes a visit to the Choco Factory and Museum is 9 euros.


'Asterocosmos' is being held under the auspices of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, with National Bank of Greece as its the official bank, LEPOGA soft drink, ENERGIZER batteries and Skyserv Handling Services as sponsors, and with the support of Egnatia Odos.