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12% increase in the number of visitors to the 31st KOSMIMA

The 31st KOSMIMA, a resplendent event, ended yesterday at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre, with a 12% increase in the number of visitors, as compared to previous event, and trade visitors from 14 countries.

Trade visitors from Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, FYROM, Germany, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and the USA visited the annual meeting of the sector of jewellery and clocks & watches, held every autumn.

This year's exhibition was expansive both in terms of exhibitors (80 participating enterprises) and area covered (3,700 sq.m.), compared to last year's event.


During the exhibition, the awards of the 27th Jewellery Design Competition were presented.

The theme of this year's competition required creators to draw inspiration from the 1913 poem 'For the Shop' by Constantine Cavafy.

The results of the competition are as follows:

In the 1st category, for gold and silver-smithing school students, 1st Prize was awarded to Anna Latoussaki (Municipality of Nea Smyrni - Gold and Silversmithing & Metal-working Department), 2nd Prize to Haralambia Hitou (IEK of Stemnitsa), and 3rd Prize to Minas Markakis (Mokume Private IEK).

Awards were also presented to Anna Farmakidi (IEK of Stemnitsa), Myrto Ioannidi (IEK of Stemnitsa), Archondia Vassila (IEK of Stemnitsa), Evangelia Bliatsiou (IEK of Stemnitsa) and

Maria-Christina Arvaniti (Municipality of Nea Smyrni - Gold and Silversmithing & Metal-working Department).

In the 2nd category, for professional jewellery designers and manufacturers, an award was presented to Elpida Kamitsi.

The competition was organised by the Hellenic Jewellery Federation (POVACO), in cooperation with TIF-Helexpo.

The next meeting of the jewellery sector will be the 'Hellenic Jewellery Fair', to be held from 3 to 6 March 2017 at the Metropolitan Expo exhibition centre in Attica.