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700 exhibitors and 5,500 B2B meetings at the Detrop-Oenos exhibitions


This year's Detrop-Oenos will be one of the largest events of the food-beverage sector, with a local and regional dimension, thanks to its 'menu' of 700 exhibitors, 12 exhibition pavilions 300 hosted buyers (international trade visitors invited to attend the event) from 36 countries, 5,500 pre-arranged B2B meetings and numerous side events.

These are just a few of the figures concerning the Detrop-Oenos exhibition duo, to be organised by TIF-Helexpo at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre from 3 to 6 March 2017.


The 26th 'Detrop' International Exhibition of Food - Beverages - Machinery & Equipment and the 6th 'Oenos' International Wine Fair will feature two major thematic salons with top representatives of the Greek food-beverage industry.

The first salon will focus on olive oil and olives, the treasures of the Greek land and the Mediterranean diet, while the second will focus on distillates and the 'stars' of Greece: ouzo and tsipouro.


After many years, Detrop-Oenos will cover the majority of Thessaloniki Exhibition Centre, with 12 thematic pavilions (covering 35,000 sq.m. of exhibition space in total) to facilitate visitors as much as possible.

The two exhibitions will be accompanied by innovative side events (organised in cooperation with the company 'Places & Flavors'), covering many timely issues facing the food-beverage sector, the primary focus being on extroversion.


These events are:

Pop-Up Restaurants
These pop-up thematic restaurants can host over 1,000 hosted buyers and professional visitors, under the supervision of experienced chefs.

Corner Showroom 'It’s All New'
An original showcase that hosts and awards new products that were introduced in the market in the last 2 years and are ready or in process for export.

Olives & Olive Oils
Renowned olive and olive oil tasters from around the world will be appearing at a specially designed tasting room, speak on the needs of the sector and analyze its secrets.

At a well-equipped bar surrounded by companies of the sector, international and other visitors will have the opportunity to become acquainted with ouzo and tsipouro, the unique Greek distillates, through dozens of combinations, from their pairing with the corresponding meze (appetizer) to their inclusion in recipes of delicious dishes and pioneering cocktails.

Cheese & Wine
Pairing is a matter of harmony and contrast. In this case, the specially modified bar will host the suitable pairing of wine and cheese, curated by 'specialist' knowledge, creating a sensation of gastronomic delight for the palates of attending professionals.

Seminars & Panel Discussions
Seminars & Interactive Discussions, with the participation of specialised speakers from throughout the country and abroad.

Finally, Detrop will also feature the 10th International Culinary Competition of South-Eastern Europe, jointly organised by the Chefs' Association of Northern Greece and TIF-Helexpo, and held under the auspices of WACS (World Association of Chefs' Societies).