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Registration for participation in the 8th ARTOZYMA is open High interest in the 2018 event

The preparation of the 8th ARTOZYMA International Exhibition for Bakery, Confectionery, Machinery, Equipment & Ready-made Products has begun, with registration having been open for the last few days. Following its successful revival in 2016 - together with Detrop Boutique, the event attracted over 31,000 sector professionals - interest is even higher in the next event, to be held from 24 to 26 February 2018 at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre, with the support of the Hellenic Federation of Bakers.

The market had missed the exhibition and, taking account of the positive results of its return, it will be even richer when it is next held. ARTOZYMA will also feature the 3rd Pan-Hellenic Bread Championship, held in cooperation with ‘Profitis Ilias’ Bakers’ Union of Thessaloniki, as well as the top confectionery event of the country, the 24th Pan-Hellenic Confectionery Conference, held with the support and dynamic participation of the Thessaloniki Guild of Shop Owners and Confectioners. Side events will include actions and colloquiums held in cooperation with the Hellenic Federation of Bakers, the Hellas Pastry Chef Club and the Hellenic Association of Food Technologists, while new confectionery techniques will also be presented.

The 8th ARTOZYMA will also feature the Healthy Food Area ‘Free From…’, a special area for the promotion of exhibitors’ products intended for a healthy or a special diet (gluten-free, sugar-free, etc.), with the possibility of presentations on their use in bakery or confectionery.

Additionally, all the latest trends and issues facing the sector will be presented at the next event, which will once again serve as the meeting place of the professionals of the bakery and confectionery sectors. For the first time, the 8th ARTOZYMA will have a duration of three days, aiming at providing better and more targeted services to exhibitors.