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The exhibition “duo” for construction and energy is opening tomorrow at MEC Paiania

210 exhibitors, 6.500 sq. m. exhibition area and hosted buyers from Russia, Romania, Tunisia, and Egypt at Infacoma & Aquatherm Athens 2019

The Infacoma-Aquatherm Athens 2019 exhibition “duo” is beginning tomorrow with 210 Greek and international exhibitors at MEC Paiania. The major exhibition event for the construction and energy sectors is aimed exclusively at professionals and covers an exhibition area of 6500 sq. m., while it will welcome hosted buyers from Russia, Romania, Tunisia, and Egypt. Infacoma & Aquatherm will continue until Monday 11 February.

In the framework of the two exhibitions all the new trends in modern materials and best business solutions will be presented as regards construction, renovation, aluminium, equipment, energy, heating, cooling, ventilation, and water technologies (HVAC). Furthermore, technological innovations and new materials that have been developed with respect for the environment and sustainable growth will be promoted.

In continuation of the Digital Greece initiative, the startup theme park presented for the first time at the 83rd TIF, TIF-HELEXPO, the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media, and Industry Disruptor Game Changers will present EnergyTech edition @ Infacoma Aquatherm 2019. Innovative startups that are active in the sectors of quality optimisation and quality durability, alternative energy sources, and green construction, will present their products and services in a specially designed space.

The Infacoma & Aquatherm Αthens 2019 exhibitions will be framed by a rich side-event programme, with the participation of sector agencies, specialised professionals, scientific speakers, and businesses. Informative seminars, colloquiums, speeches, new technology presentations, as well as many relevant actions will draw the attention of the audience, while the main topics of conversation will be “green” construction and energy saving. Participants in the side-events will include the Regulatory Authority for Energy, the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Aluminium and Steel Small-Industry Manufacturers, the Greek Federation of Glass Handlers and Glaziers, the Association of Greek Enterprises of Pool and Hydromassage, and the AMCO company.

In the framework of the exhibition “duo”, more than 500 scheduled B2B meetings will be held between exhibitors and hosted buyers from Greece and abroad.

Infacoma-Aquatherm Athens 2019 are co-organised by TIF-Helexpo and the Be Best company.