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A cry of despair from the exhibition sector

The only sector to have remained continuously closed since March 2020, with damages in excess of 200 million Euros

The Greek exhibition sector has been left at the mercy of the pandemic. It is the only sector that has not been allowed to reopen since the beginning of the health crisis. Its losses from the suspension of exhibition activities exceed 200 million Euros, with a very broad economic and social impact.

With all exhibitions having been cancelled and the ban on new events still in place, the future of the sector seems uncertain and the cry of despair is deafening. Exhibition organisers, exhibition centres, and pavilion construction companies are in dire straits, recording almost zero income for 12 months, while not being included in any of the support programmes implemented for other sectors, such as, for example, the catering sector. At the same time, more than 9000 sector workers — direct and indirect — are living in uncertainty as to what the future holds.

Greece’s exhibition industry contributes catalytically to the growth of local economies, by boosting a number of financial activities, from the hotel sector to catering, and from transports to recreation. In fact, it has been calculated that for each Euro spent on exhibition activities, another 6 Euros spill over into the local economy of the area organising the

exhibition. At the same time, exhibition activity is inseparably connected to professional high-income tourism throughout the year.

Sector representatives have repeatedly submitted their requests and have met numerous times with state and business officials from ministries in order to support the exhibition industry — which acts as a barometer for the country’s financial health — only to find out that they come second, behind the just requests of other suffering sectors. In any case, the Greek exhibition sector must receive the attention and care it deserves from the State and be incorporated into the programmes being planned to restart the economy, as it is a true pillar for a number of individual professionals.

The sector is reopen and operate under strict health protocols and regulations, providing absolute safety for exhibitors and visitors, as soon as the State allows it.

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