Philoxenia 2022 – Looking forward to a new challenge!

PHILOXENIA is the annual tourism exhibition that since 1985, its first organization, till today, outlines the profile of the tourism business in the country maintaining its strong brand name through the years. It is organized every November at the International Exhibition & Conference Center of Thessaloniki and constitutes a very strong meeting point of the tourism in Greece. Based on the new conditions in the tourism market, PHILOXENIA adapts to the new data, coordinated with the needs of the professionals as well as of the travelers, and contributes to the promotion of destinations and their high level services.

The three-day tourism event is attended by companies and organizations from all over the tourism spectrum (Greek and international tourist destinations, hotels, travel agencies, travel agents, specialized press and media), as well as by selected invited buyers - hosted buyers - from the target countries for the industry. Enriched with interesting thematic presentations, workshops, and targeted conference events, Philoxenia is a dynamic "tool" that contributes substantially to the development of Greek tourism.

Hosted Buyers Programme

As it happens every year, PHILOXENIA 2022 will host about 120 renowned tourism professionals from abroad in the most well-organized b2b tourism exhibition program in the wider region of Southeastern Europe. Through the scheduled meetings, exhibitors have the chance to promote their products to international markets, which would be very difficult and expensive in different circumstances. This program is the result of the international connections and collaborations of HELEXPO, and it is running under the supervision of the Exhibition Research Institute and under the auspices of EOT.

HONORED ARMENIA: A country located in the crossroads of Asia and Europe

This year's Philoxenia has the pleasure to host as Honored Country the Republic of Armenia in the Pavilion 15/ Stand No 1A. It is a Eurasian country with a population of about 3,000,000, located between the Caspian and Black Seas in the Caucasus region. Armenia is a beautiful piece of living history combining old heritage and traditions with contemporary art and modernism.

Honoured Municipality - Heraklion

In this year's PHILOXENIA event, Heraklion is the honored municipality! Heraklion, which is the largest urban center of Crete, the capital of the region and the financial center of the island, through its dominant exhibition participation, will solemnly highlight its tourist product and its cultural wealth, elements that are a pole attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Heraklion, the gateway and capital of Crete is one of the most important islands of the Mediterranean, the city where you can enjoy an endless summer, welcomes everyone who wishes to live unique and authentic experiences in a city, so vivid 24/7!  At the same location since the ancient times, it is incessantly washed by the wild Cretan sea. Called “Kastro” (Fortress) by the Byzantines, “Fortress of the Trench” (Rabdh el Chandak) by the Arabs, “Chándax” during the Middle Byzantine period, “Candia” by the Venetians, “Kandiye” by the Ottomans and “Heraklion” at present. 

Philoxenia Conference

The International Conference of Philoxenia is now an integral part of the entire event, which aims to explore current issues of concern to the tourism business community in the country. Renowned Greek and foreign speakers from the field of tourism, academics, researchers, representatives of organizations and prominent executives of tourism companies, meet at the conference panels presenting studies, views and successful case studies that highlight the quality characteristics of the tourism product.