Giannis Stergis

He studied Law and Languages ​​in Thessaloniki and Brussels, while his LL Doctrine (CrmDr) is on the cybernetics.

From 1989 until 2003 he worked for two leading multinational organizations (Oxford University Press and Macmillan) initially as ELT Advisor, covering the markets of North Greece and Cyprus, then as Chief Editor and then as Director of Publications and Education. For seven consecutive years provided legal and administrative services in two areas of the European Commission, as its representative in more than 70 countries worldwide. He has conducted many researches on the creation of educational material for educational and tourism companies and has delivered numerous commercial and professional seminars and presentations.

Furthermore, he is the founder and president of the Ariston project Ltd. He develops the content and writes the well-known educational ROIEDU Biz programs (for businesses), the ROIEDU global skills (international management and business profile development), the CERTs (for medium-sized service business owners) and  the Differentiated Instruction in Practice program for teachers and trainers around the world.

As an owner since 2003, he has served as CEO and chairman of the hyphen SA, an ambitious company, dedicated to inspire businesses across Europe with realism, quality criteria and sustainable practices, as well as in engineering premium publishing materials for major international publishing houses and other multinational organizations.