Stella I. Tsartsara

Silver Tourism expert, Gerontologist, Place Branding expert

She is a Gerontologist, with long career in Policy and Development Planning. She worked to- and for the EU Commission as Government advisor and planning expert in more than 40 EU and non EU Governments in reforming and developing sectors on Care, Tourism Reform, Health and Silver Tourism, Regional and Local Development, Public Private Partnerships and Innovative Sectoral Financing with specialization on Impact Investing. She focuses in Ageing issues, the Silver Economy, Long term Care Innovative Financing and Procurement models, Smart Specialization and Silver Tourism.

Stella works as enabler of Silver Tourism Resource Based pilot projects matching multiple funding resources and inserting techniques of Territorial Development and Branding revealing, activating and promoting local resources in rural areas, generating income for resource owners, especially in Balneotherapy and Health Tourism.

She is the initiator of the Geriatric Tourism for the first time with an article at the International Journal of Tourism Research in September 2018.