Dark Tourism

Useful information

  • The conference is being held at the "N. GERMANOS», Pavilion 8, 2nd  floor, Hall A
  • Duration of the event 10:00 to 17:30
  • There is available free parking in the Exhibition Center  through the gate of Egnatia str.
  • Attendance certificates will only be given to those who have been registered, at the end of the conference
  • Online registration has been expired

Throughout its historical memory, cities over time have created their own 'dark' narrative with 'authentic' distinctive features, which in recent years, they have been the attraction for an alternative form of tourism, that of Dark Tourism.

This year's PHILOXENIA conference will attempt to explore the role that the "dark past" of a destination plays in the creation and attraction of Dark Tourism, especially for the city of Thessaloniki, which stands out many "dark" stories and paths, from antiquity to the recent years.

At the same time, it will seek to address a wide range of research topics ranging from representative museums and cemeteries to war heritage and prisons and from monuments and memorials (holocaust tourism), to criminal landscape management, as well as their link to religious and cultural tourism.

In this spirit, notable speakers from Greece and abroad are invited to the conference to present new perspectives on the market and tourism products arising from this category of interest.

The conference is addressed to tourism professionals and students and will provide attendance certificates to those who wish, upon request upon arrival. Entrance is FREE.

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