Soula Protopsalti

Μuseologist- Εducator

Soula Protopsalti is a museologist - educator, with postgraduate studies in Cultural Management as well as in History & Culture of Eastern Europe. Her research interests are related to the role of Art in History, education, the public sphere, memory. For the last two years she has been implementing the educational program "Thessaloniki Remember" which deals with the visits of students of all grades to the military cemeteries of Thessaloniki during the First World War.

She has written for the program in the English magazine "New Mosquito" published by The Salonika Campaign Society, founded by veterans of the Macedonian Front. She also participated in the 4th Pan-Hellenic Congress: Education in the 21st Century with the same educational program. She had a similar participation in the training seminar organized by the 1st District of Primary Education on the local history of the city of Kilkis, with a presentation on the utilization of the cemetery routes in the area. She is a member of The Guild of the Battlefield guides, an English association active in cemeteries and guided tours of battlefields. Holding a certificate of specialization

in Tourism Management, she has collaborated as an educational program officer with the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle.