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"Find your ideal captain. Live a unique experience Myskipper platform serves three group of people. Captains, tourists, and yacht brokers. i) Skippers will have the opportunity to promote and advertise themselves and their work leading to increase their fares. ii) Tourists, will be able to choose the captain who identifies with their own desires through a very simple and fast process and choose the best suited for their company. iii) Yacht brokers will be able to search through a skipper bank the best to trust their boat and their customer holidays. Captains’ professionalism will increase company’s brand loyalty. "


Robotics Academy UoM was founded in the vision to transfer the results of international research and emerging Robotics programs to society. Increases the applicability of social robots and implementation of technology by providing services such as show hosting, workshops and teambuilting but with an alternative twist.


VIDAVO, a leading technology enabler, connects over its cloud solutions tourists, hotels and healthcare providers, making health, safety and wellness accessible to all. Vida24© tech tourism is an innovative integrated e-health & wellness suite, a smart technology cloud platform and mobile applications for personalized healthcare & wellness programs, retreats and services that enable tourism providers to interact with their customers before their arrival, during their stay & keep them engaged. Vida24© tech tourism provides services as Health, Nutrition and Activity Assessment, Personalized menus based on nutritional goals, Wellness programs, therapies & retreats, Remote Health Management, Equipment for Location tracking / fall detection/ SOS, Smart check up with telemetry.


"Our mission is to produce a very distinctive pallet of tastes for our honey varieties in a unique packaging in order to inspire and extend the user experience."


"Professionals are able to pre-screen applicants through customised video pitches before an actual interview. It eliminates costs, time and distances! OVIVIEW -which stands for “Online Video Interview”- is a truly innovative platform that delivers both convenience and effectiveness into the recruiting routine that makes hiring simpler, convenient and more efficient. OVIVIEW offers the chance for easy and quick initial screening of candidates using cameras to record each interview while avoiding the need for simultaneous participation and making the whole interviewing process objective and more effective. "


Duke's company is a high-end fitness for villas, yachting, hotels and resorts in Greek Destinations and aims to maintain physical, psychological and spiritual wellness during your holidays as well as showcasing Greek landscapes and tradition.


iqrate is a hotel market intelligence service that enables hotel owners and their partners to optimize their room pricing strategy. Our datasets also enable hotel management agencies as well as international consulting firms to make informed decisions for their customers. iqrate features include historical pricing data, hotel profile discovery tools as well as smart suggestions for competitive sets. Join us for a demo of our dashboard and our API!


We are developing chabots that can serve hotel's customers. Our chabot comunicate we hotel's customers and give information about the place and about hotel facilities. Is also available custom dialogues. Finaly, there is option to set up selling mode for bar products and restaurant products.


"Shift Automated!” enables Shift & Operations managers to automatically assign employees and equipment to Shifts. As a Shift Manager “Shift Automated!” ensures you have: “The right employee, in the right place, in the right shift, in the right team”, providing you the capabilities to: Automatically Assign Employees to Shifts Standard & Variable number of employees in shifts Set additional shifts for Special Events Add supportive shifts & task teams Assign Single/Multiple Roles to Employees Assign Roles that fit Employee Skills Assign employees to shifts with your own specific rules for shift creation Secure Compliance with Labor Legislation And many, many more "


"Infoscope Hellas was established in 2012 in Thessaloniki by a group of young Electrical and Computer Engineers, inspired by their passion for innovation and creating products of high value for their clients. Infoscope Hellas specializes in telemetry applications. The telemetry applications developed by our company offer our clients a detailed observation of all production units and ensure their proper operation. The main features are: • Data collection of crucial information about the equipment • Remote monitoring through our Web Portal • Notifications in case of irregular behaviour • Remote control of several operating parameters of the equipment Our clients include food/beverage processing and trade enterprises, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, pharmaceutical stores, microbiology lab and public buildings "


GoΖΟΝΕ is a system offering real-time instructions to beginners of windsurfing kitesurfing and small sail boats along with an IoT-powered social network..


"With motto #reimagineyourvehicle, Elektronio makes custom personal mobility for diverse applications in urban transportation, from revolutionary electric tilting tricycles and cargo e-bikes to more compact commuting models, such as electric kick-scooters. The tourism industry could make use of these solutions, either as unique tourism experience, or for satisfying cargo needs in daily operations. "


Online health insurance that you can compare and choose between 450 local and international ,insurance companies ,plans.


Smartup is a Software company specializing in Mobile Applications. It was founded in 2012 in Thessaloniki and has achieved great penetration of its applications in the market. Our products are Smart Delivery Plus-Mobile & Web Platform for B2B & B2C sales, Smart Catalog and Custom Applications. is a travel consulting platform designed to provide families travelling to Greece with kids with premium and personalized family travel consulting services based on first-hand experience and custom-tailored, family & kids friendly activities and experiences.


kleesto is the tour booking engine that is changing the way activity providers operate their businesses. The market is reaching a point where accommodation and transportation booking is easily handled by consumers, which allows them to focus on activities and unique experiences during their travels. kleesto focuses on the “what-to-do” part of the customer's journey. We believe that experiences will become the main motive for booking your travel tickets. To serve that need we provide tour, activity and experience providers all the tools needed to connect with the market, distribute their services and scale their business faster.


The SaMMY platform is targeting to the global market and its main objective is to provide an automated berth booking service (transit, drying, dry-dock), management of reservations and marinas’ facilities with state-of-the-art technology (IoT, Cloud, AI). The platform provides a full-range of services to the marina administrators through the marinas management system that is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Our goal is to reinforce the communication and increase the level of services that provided by each marina to its customers/visitors and to organize and enhance the travel experience in recreational boating sector.


"CampsAround is the first online booking platform for alternative accommodation & camping in Greece. Guests can compare and choose the best lodge for them through a wide range of options such as: camping, glamping, retreats, cottages and more. In addition, they can complete their booking online easily, securely and fast, without prior communication with the lodge; helping the owners to save more time in order to manage their bookings."


For business in the travel sector that seek to increase their revenue, Tellody offers a smart, simple and end to end digital marketing platform to improve their digital reputation, loyalty and traveler engagement in order to create additional revenue.


Weddin application is an innovative company that assists couples from all over the world, to aorganise their wedding in Greece.


Costa Nostrum (= our coast) Sustainable Beaches is a tripled awarded innovative certification standard allowing the sustainability classification and assessment of each beach through an objective grading scale. It consists of three main pillars: The initial study of the beach, which incorporates suggestions on the sustainable development and management of the beach. Secondly, the beach assessment – certification is following, with 39 objective criteria. The third pillar is the worldwide promotion of the beach through our website and mobile app (a free online information portal for the Mediterranean tourists) in regard to the infrastructure, classification and characteristics of all certified beaches.

  "12 Gods_Innovative products from aromatic plants We transform the herb growers’ passion (or meraki in Greek) into a delicious, beneficial drink for demanding consumers. A single-serve capsule_the spark to create added value and Greek synergies. For the first time, a mosaic of aromatic herbs is enclosed in a single serve capsule, while at the same time surrounded by so many innovations in packaging. Our ultimate goal is that of a high quality differentiated product."