About the conference

Greek tourism has enjoyed an increase in demand in recent years, but it still needs to break into even more international markets. This is necessary on the one hand to boost growth and on the other to reduce dependence on the traditional sources of custom and to offset occasional losses from fluctuations in demand. At the same time, the sector continues to face the perennial challenge of extending the season.

For these reasons, the Asian market should be set as a medium-term priority and therefore be the focus of immediate development planning.

In this context, the PHILOXENIA Conference proposes 3 thematic sessions and a round-table discussion.

“Growth and trends in outbound Asian tourism”
This unit will focus on the development of and trends in outbound Asian tourism, with a look at the relevant figures and the factors that influence and shape that market.

“Connectivity and Travel Facilitation”
Analysis and discussion of matters relating to connectivity between Asian and European cities in general and Greek cities in particular, with special attention to the question of visas.

“Approaching the Asian traveller”
The focus here will be on existing experience and best marketing practices in the effort to approach and attract the Asian traveller.

“How Asian ready is Greece? What the steps ahead?”
Once the main points covered by these 3 units have been considered, there will be a discussion on how ready the Greek tourism sector is for the Asian market and what the next steps have to be.

Speakers at the Conference will include representatives of the: World Tourism Organisation, Greek Ministry of Tourism and Foreign Affairs, Italian Ministry of Tourism, Athens International Airport, Qatar Airways, Fraport, Global Tourism Economy Forum-Macau, China, IVY Alliance, European Travel Commission, Piraeus Port Authority – COSCO and representatives of Greek tourism bodies.

Organising consultant: tourism generis