Carlos Sentis

Carlos Sentís is Founder and Managing Director of Zhongxihuli. He is also the President of the Alliance for Relations between Spain and China, Chairman of the Spain China Communication Forum and Managing Director of China Influencer Project.

Carlos Sentís, trilingual in Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese, is specialized in communication and international relations, he is member of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and a contributor to the National Tourism Administration of China, World Tourism Organization and the Year of Tourism Europe China. With more than 10 years of experience in media, marketing and institutional relations working for large companies and institutions, he works tirelessly to generate mutually beneficial relations between Western countries and China.

Carlos has experience in promotion in Chinese and Western social networks, Chinese and foreign media, events, branding, consulting, government and corporate delegations organization, institutional relations, advertising, business strategy and high-level collaboration.

Carlos is Managing Director of China Influencer Project, an initiative developed for the National Tourism Administration of China, which is the largest tourism promotion project with in uencers in the world, more than 50 in uencers and celebrities promoted China for six months in the main Western social networks, with more than 40 million followers combined, 25 million social interactions and media appearances in China and abroad.