David Tang

Mr. David Tang is the vice president of Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting. After study and living in Europe for several years, Mr. Tang entered the business of Chinese outbound tourism and joined the company in 2008. He takes important role in a number of influential marketing and research projects including the International Forum on Chinese Outbound Tourism, China Outbound Tourism Quality Service Certification Program, China Travel Trade Barometer Program, China Outbound Tourism Price Index. Entrusted by Guam Visitors Bureau as the chief China marketing representative, Mr. Tang leaded a team in multiple successful tourism marketing activities for Guam during 2012-2014, that contributed to the rapid growth of Chinese visitors to Guam at that time.

Mr. Tang is specialized in using big data tools tracking market trend, identifying and analyzing travelers’ demands, organizing travel trade events and fam trips, carrying out research/consulting/training project, building tourism evaluation systems. Mr. Tang was invited as speaker to a number of UNWTO events and international tourism conferences, sharing expertise on Chinese outbound tourism market. He has rich experiences in marketing overseas destinations and suppliers, and has special interest in business development based on the integration of Internet information technology and traditional travel business.