80th TIF - 2015

The 80th TIF event notched top numbers of visitors, with the public getting carried away by the festive air of this anniversary event.
For the second consecutive year, the Fair cleared the barrier of 200,000 visitors, achieving six-digit figures, despite the harsh economic conditions and the adversities of recent years.
More specifically, 216,364 visitors entered the gates of the 80th anniversary event. People responded enthusiastically to the invitation of TIF-HELEXPO with its rich programme, featuring all sorts of shows, blending commerce and business with culture, entertainment and social solidarity. It is indicative that approximately 170,000 people visited the 'Enchanted' statues.
The ‘Enchanted’ played a key role at the 80th TIF, as they returned to Thessaloniki in the form of copies after 151 years and remain on display at Pavilion 3 of the International Exhibition Centre. This initiative by TIF-Helexpo was a special gift from the national exhibition agency for the 80th anniversary of TIF and, of course, for the city of Thessaloniki.
Apart from the ‘Enchanted’, though, the ‘umbrella’ of the 80th TIF covered even more aspects this year. Fourteen thematic evens covering every aspect of domestic production and entrepreneurship, from the agri-nutritional sector to new technologies, IT and energy, attracted visitors who had the opportunity to select from a number of entertainment proposals, featuring renowned Greek artists and local bands.
The exhibition titled 'The most important inventions of the Ancient Greeks’, which remains on exhibit at TIF, revives approximately 40 exceptional machines and inventions, from Philon’s automatic servant’ and Aeneas’ hydraulic telegraph to Heron’s ‘cinema’, and from Ctesebius' automatic clock and the astrolabe of Ptolemy to the analogue computer of the Antikythera Mechanism.
The ‘menu’ of the 80th TIF also featured, among others, the following events:
  • The Choco Factory and Museum, which opened once more during TIF to welcome young and old chocolate lovers.
  • Concerts held every night at the YMCA arch stage, with acclaimed Greek performers appearing to sing renditions of the most popular styles of Greek music.
  • The Theatre Festival for Children and Adolescents, during which amateur troupes competed for the first time, staging children's theatre performances.
  • The Music Band Festival, which was held for the 3rd consecutive year and featured bands presenting their work to a special three-member panel of music executives and Fair visitors.
  • Cheapart, which hosted original works by dozens of artists that could be purchased by TIF visitors at very affordable prices.
  • e-GAMING, the largest gaming event held in the Balkans, which took place in Pavilion 17 and consisted of educational presentations, contests and tournaments, as well as numerous happenings.
  • The collection of racing cars from the 'Hellenic Motor Museum', which belongs to the Theodoros Haragionis Foundation, AOTH (Thessaloniki Motor Club) and the private collection of Mr Elias Loggos.
  • The 'DETH-ite' initiative with volunteering and a blood drive.
  • he 1st 'MYSTICON' Thessaloniki Mystery Festival, an entertaining escape and role-playing game that rewarded participants with three days of mystery and interaction, in cooperation with the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.