The Thessaloniki Automobile Club (AOTH), one of the top rally organisers in Greece and the successful organiser of the TIF Rally, the oldest rally in the country after the Acropolis Rally, for decades, is working intensively in order to prepare the 50th anniversary TIF Rally.

The main goal of this year’s event is to pleasantly surprise contestants, viewers and supporters. The crews, the “soul” of each race, will enjoy magnificent stages on Mount Cholomontas, where the crème de la crème of Greek race-car drivers experienced their “baptism by fire”! These stages will require the crews to give their very best and the racers to exert themselves to their limits. Thus, the selection of the stages and the overall design of the race will reward those brave enough to scale the enchanting Mount Holomon. For the undecided, the numerous vantage points and easy access will be a positive incentive.

The cornerstone of any event, i.e. The supporters and local government, will enjoy great promotion and recognition, directly due to the efforts made byAOTH and indirectly due to the national promotion of the 5th round of the 53rd Greek Rally Championship.

AOTH is preparing an exciting race and inviting everyone to take part - because excitement belongs to those who create it.


50th TIF Rally - Routes - Distances - Times

How can 93 km of stages excite everyone? When they are not only of competitive interest, but are spread in such a way so as to satisfy viewers, supporters and organisers. That is precisely what the 50th TIF Rally will achieve.

The Rally will consist of six stages, two on Saturday, 16 September and four on Sunday, 17 September, which are spread in such a way so as to have no gaps, with enviable diversity so as to satisfy even the most demanding athlete, and with the correct dose of romance to honour the history of the race. On the first day, the athletes must pass a technical inspection at the South Gate of TIF, start at the same point and race along the Livadi-Petrokerasa route (19.70 km) and the classic Cholomontas route (23.20 km) until they reach the parc fermé at the central square of Polygyros. The second day will begin with the demanding Palaiochora route (21.02 km), followed by two Tsoukalades routes (10.88 km each), an intermediate pit stop and the Livadi power stage (7.31 km) which will lead the stressed crews and drivers to their starting point on the previous day: the South Gate of TIF, where the finish line will be.

The viewers will be satisfied by the spectacle, enjoying the numerous, easy ways to access the stages, where they can proudly be part of the50th TIF Rally and be able to say they were there.

In order for the race to be truly exciting, we must all become part of it and participate - because excitement belongs to those who create it.