Nestlé and TIF - Helexpo present for the first time, in a unique and original way, the unexpected invention, which changed the everyday life of the Greek forever!

... 60 years ago, during the 22nd Thessaloniki International Fair, Dimitris Vakondios, the employee of Nestlé in Greece, wanting to make his Nescafé, found that there was no hot water. And since it was summer and the temperature was really high, he improvised: two spoonfulls of Nescafé in a shaker and cold water. And so, the Nescafé Frappé, which we enjoy for 60 years until today, was invented in that simple and unexpected way.


The "Frappé Museum powered by Nescafé" is dedicated to the history of coffee, to the myths and the truths that accompany it as well as to the production process. The Nescafé Frappé beach bar operates on the terrace above, so that visitors can enjoy the authentic Nescafé Frappé experience in a setting inspired by the Greek summer.