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The contribution of TIF-HELEXPO is reflected not only in its exhibition performance, but also in the growth of the Greek economy.

In recent decades, the Greek economy has been consistently supported and aided by TIF-HELEXPO, not only at the level of exhibitions, but also through the numerous investment and commercial transactions held during or behind the scenes of its events.

At the same time, each year, the national exhibition agency serves as a ‘vehicle’ for an increasing number of Greek enterprises pursuing the implementation of extroverted actions.

In this context, it is clear that the TIF-HELEXPO we need today is one that broadens its international pace, expands its extroversion, attracts innovators and pioneers, safeguards its viability and adds great value to the entire country.

One of the main extroversion ‘vehicles’ of TIF-HELEXPO is the September General Fair, which is more mature and integrated than ever this year, during its 82nd iteration.