Iinternational Participants

The 82nd TIF is welcoming China as the ‘honoured country’ and is connecting entrepreneurship, innovation and technology to the largest market in the world!

The honoured country at the 82nd TIF will be China. Entrepreneurs from Greece and the Balkans, as well as professional agencies, will be given the opportunity to create business contacts in order to connect to the largest market in the world.

Apart from business, commercial and technological presentations, various cultural events will be held in order to add a piquant note to the entertainment available to visitors.


The 82nd TIF is connecting countries from all over the world! The international impact of the 82nd TIF is clear.

Countries such as Iran, Italy, Turkey, India, Cyprus, Slovakia, Poland, Luxembourg, countries from Southern Africa, Armenia, Indonesia, Uruguay, FYROM, Bulgaria, Romania, Tunisia and Egypt will present their products, business opportunities, arts and cultures.