Recreation and Entertainment

Music Events

Once again, the 82nd TIF will become the city's largest celebration. Every day at TIF will feature a concert! Everyone will be welcome, citizens, professionals and all visitors. Major artists of the Greek music scene will cover the entire spectrum of genres and styles.

The visitors and exhibitors of the 82nd TIF will be able to attend all concerts at no additional expense, FREE OF CHARGE, simply by producing their TIF ticket. Theatre TIF


As part of the 82nd TIF, the Thessaloniki Automobile Club (AOTH) is organising the 50th TIF Rally, an anniversary event that is included in the Greek Rally Championship.

CHEAPART at the 82nd TIF

The successful cooperation between CHEAPART and TIF-HELEXPO is continuing with the 3rd CHEAPART event. The institution of CHEAPART has already become established as a top artistic event at TIF. Dozens of artists and hundreds of works will be presented to the visitors of TIF, private citizens and entrepreneurs.