The "Secret Worlds of Eugene Trivizas"

The most exciting, thematic park, "The Secret Worlds of Eugene Trivizas", opens its gates for 9 days only, before traveling to Athens, at the request of the public. During the 82nd TIF, visitors have the opportunity to tour the spectacular, theme park with the European standards, inspired by the most popular fairy tales and the most famous heroes of the internationally renowned, Greek writer.

The admirers of Eugene Triviza's fairy tales, regardless of age, will live the unique experience of the original theme park, that has the signature of the famous writer, in Pavilion #1. In a fabulous scenery, inspired by the most popular fairy tales, along with Picos Apikos, the journalist, Pupu the fox, Sotiris the watermelon, and other beloved heroes, visitors will enjoy an adventurous tour to unknown countries and distant jungles!


They will hear fascinating stories, solve insidious mysteries, defy the intrusions of Donna Teridona, the threats of Fricandela the witch, and the traps set by Rooney Rooney, the bad pig.


With a small extra charge when entering the TIF, the "Secret Worlds of Eugene Trivizas" await you to travel to the unfor ​g​ etable magic of the fantasy and the fairy tales of the famous writer!