83rd TIF - A Next Level Event

The most important exhibition event in Greece, and one of the most important events in Southeastern Europe, the TIF, will be held for the 83rd time from 8 to 16 September 2018, adding another glorious chapter to its history.

The extroversion and dynamism of the Greek economy, growing businesses throughout the country, international participations, and a very rich programme of side events compose the landscape of the 83rd TIF. The USA are the Honoured Country at the 83rd TIF and innovation and technology will be at the epicentre of the US presence, while during the event US business innovations will be exhibited for the first time to the public in Greece, and perhaps even in Europe.

The bar has been raised even higher for the 83rd TIF, following the significant success of the 82nd TIF. It is indicative that the 82nd TIF proved to be the greatest event of the last decade, with 263,724 people - in contrast to 210,081 people the year before - crossing its threshold from 9 to 17 September 2017.

The enormous number of visitors was met by 1,500 exhibitors and the highly successful participation of China, which set the bar high for the institution of the Honoured Country with 167 exhibition participations and over 400 individuals as part of the official delegation.

Its intensely business-oriented character and increased internationalisation were the dominant elements of the ‘personality’ of the 82nd TIF, where all the Chambers of Greece were in attendance. The individual sections of the Fair covered a broad range of interests, from education, vehicles and energy to beauty, gastronomy and e-gaming, with numerous actions and events.

View from the above link the presentation of the 83rd TIF. (Pdf format)