Reasons to participate in the 83rd TIF

  • With over 81 years of history, TIF has been one of the most important Fairs in Greece throughout history, with international appeal.
  • Because TIF has always been the 'testing grounds' where new products were presented, tested and became known.
  • It is considered the most recognisable exhibition product in Greece.
  • It is the only Fair with a guaranteed high number of visitors (220,000 at last year's event).
  • New technologies and modern applications in productive sectors emerge, while the commercial orientation of the Fair contributes to the growth of businesses, enhancing their exports and enabling them to enter beneficial partnerships.
  • Attracting thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad guarantees the best possible promotion of exhibitors and their products-services.
  • The cost of participation is adapted to the needs of exhibitors and there is significant facilitation of payment.
  • The 82nd TIF is supported by an extensive advertising campaign taking place in Greece and abroad.
  • The parallel recreational events cover a rich variety of themes.