2015 - We focus on Greek goat breeding – We highlight donkey breeding

Within the framework of ZOOTECHNIA 2015, HELEXPO and the Laboratory of Animal Husbandry of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in cooperation with the company WESTFALIA Technologies (http://www.westfalia.gr), which is active in the field of equipment and management of stockbreeding facilities, and the company EUROCO S.A. (http://www.euroco.gr), which sells prefabricated wooden animal sheds, are focusing on goat breeding and its products, highlighting the dynamism of this neglected sector of Stockbreeding.
The breed of Skopelos goats will be the honoured Greek goat breed, with animals from the cooperative raising the breed.
Furthermore, donkeys from Greek breeding operations and products that use their milk will be presented for the first time, in cooperation with the company SOSTAR (http://www.sostar.gr/), the only Greek company producing cosmetics based on donkey milk.
The breeds to be presented will represent a vertically integrated enterprise on a small scale. During the exhibition, a colloquium will be held under the title 'Rebooting Goat Breeding, Commencing Donkey Breeding'. Further information on the above actions will become shortly available.