2015 - One Date Conference - Univeristy Of Thessaly

The colloquium will cover the latest issues related to aquaculture, which is generally accepted to be a broad subject in the business world, due to the ever-increasing need for acquiring animal protein of high biological value. Intensive fishing, combined with continued pollution and degradation of the sea, have led the international community to turn its attention in recent in years towards the need to improve the manner in which water resources are managed.
At the same time, the reduction of fisheries production, combined with increasing demand for fisheries, have led to an increase of global interest in aquaculture. Additionally, the ever-increasing interest of the international community in protecting the marine and natural environment, in general, and the adoption of the principles of sustainable development have underlined the need for decision-making on the earmarking of European resources for research and for job creation in corresponding sectors.
On the other hand, despite the economic crisis that our country and almost all professions are facing, aquaculture constitutes a highly promising sector of the economy that, under certain conditions, can grow into one of the top production sectors, contributing significantly, along with the fisheries sector, to the development of the gross national product of Greece.

The lectures that will take place during the colloquium:
  • Will highlight prospects in both the field of aquaculture and that of fisheries.
  • Will refer to issues pertaining to the management of fisheries stock and water resources in general, as well as aquaculture issues.
  • Will present the results of research in the fields of fisheries and aquaculture.
  • Will refer to the measures that must be taken in our country in order to successfully address the problems faced by the sector of aquaculture.
  • Will refer to innovative business actions that could be taken in the future for the sector, leading to its further growth.