‘Meat and Meat Products - ‘from the stable to the plate’ 1,2,3 February 2019

Congress - institution in the meat sector

The Pan-Hellenic Congress on Meat and Meat Products, ‘From the stable to the plate’, will be held on 1, 2, and 3 February 2019 in Thessaloniki, and preparations have already begun. It is being organised by Meat News magazine and HELXPO, which will host it during Zootechnia.

This is the sixth event and, as indicated by the most recent event in 2017, it has become an institution for the meat sector. The three days of events focus the interest of the scientific community and record all the developments in scientific research and technology of the entire meat sector. The positive prospects in both primary production, which has large margins for product increase and covering part of the enormous deficit in self-sufficiency, and in processing, which has proven in recent years that it can develop new, quality products and promote the traditional flavours of Greece, are the basis of the Congress.

The Congress offers the possibility to couple scientific knowledge produced in educational and research foundations in Greece with production, to exchange information between scientists and experts, and to hold interdisciplinary discussions involving all specialisations and scientific fields.

Cooperation of ΔΕΘ –HELEXPO with Meat News magazine