Colloquium titled: Practical solutions for Animal Farmers through research and innovation

For 50 years ELVIZ SA has been a staple of Greek animal feed. Always at the side of animal farmers and aiming at maximising the output of food producing animals, ensuring the health of the livestock, and improving the quality of animal products.

The 11th Zootechnia (31/1 - 3/2) will be a key moment, once again, this year, in providing information to producers regarding all sector developments.

ELVIZ is actively participating (Pavillion 10, Stand 14), while also organising a scientific colloquium - on Sunday 3 February 2019, at 12:00 at ‘N. Germanos’ Congress Centre (hall B) - titled: ‘Practical solutions for Animal Farmers through Research and Innovation’.

ELVIZ has the honour of hosting a panel of distinguished speakers, who will present the following speeches to animal farmers:

  • ‘Cow reproduction management: classical and new approaches’ - Georgios Amiridis, Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine AUTh
  • ‘The effect of nutrition on the qualitative characteristics of milk’ - Ilias Giannenas, Assistant Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine AUTH
  • ‘Developing innovative animal nutrition products from raw materials produced in Greece’ - Dr Katerina Grigoriadou, Authorised Researcher, ELGO-DIMITRA, scientific partner, ELVIZ
  • ‘Maximizing output: Genetic developments in silage production’ - Luca Minelli, Marketing & Development Manager Maïsadour Semenses – Semfor

Sunday 3 February 2019, ‘N. Germanos’ Conference Centre TIF, time: 12:00.

Admission is free.