An exhibition of animal love, learning, joy and creation!

As part of the 12th International Exhibition Zootechnia 2023, the successful Pet Festival section continues to offer visitors, guardians and friends of all companion animals, the opportunity to be informed about various issues of living together with their little friends. The visitors will learn about their education, nutrition and health and they will meet professionals, who will recommend the most modern services and the best quality products. Moreover, they will be informed about smart and educational accessories, toys, care and grooming services, dog and cat hotels, as well as about many other interests that can make the life of a small "household" friend, feathered or fluffy, more pleasant and easy.

Visitors will also be able to chat with experts about their specialized needs, gather valuable information, take part in original competitions and win lots of prizes. In addition, in the two large auditoriums that will be created within the dedication, excellent speakers will be invited, and who will refer to all the new trends and developments in the world of companion animals and will answer key questions from those interested.