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Administration Structure

… administration is foresight



The internal clock of TIF HELEXPO SA is synchronised with the Present and ensures its rendezvous with the future. 

The National Exhibition Agency, TIF HELEXPO SA, united and powerful, joins its forces and dynamism to write a new chapter in its history, which is to be the most successful yet. Heeding the time, the day, the era, TIF HELEXPO SA is rebooting all of its activities, with the confidence provided by its excellent technical knowledge and dynamism. 




At present, the sole shareholder (100%) of TIF HELEXPO SA is the Greek State, thus providing safety and ideal conditions for action.

At present, the Board of Directors of TIF HELEXPO SA embraces the power of polyphony and comprises the Chairman and CEO of the company, representatives of businesses, the local government of Central Macedonia and Thessaloniki and the administration of the city’s productive agencies.

At present, TIF HELEXPO SA honours the participation of local government and trade industry bodies on the Board of Directors, it recognizes the institutional and substantial role they play in its activities for society and the national economy.

At present, TIF HELEXPO SA is becoming powerful in the domestic market, securing its viability, protects its growing value for shareholders, and for its employees and the broader public.

In the future, TIF-HELEXPO SA will continue to create additional value as its daily course of action, it will reap the fruit of its every innovation and it will clearly recognize what its next step must be in an intensely competitive environment, because this 'next step' will be its own.


Composition of the Board of Directors

1. From the shareholders, the Chairman
2. From the shareholders, the CEO
3. From the shareholders, a member
4. On behalf of TIF employees, one member
5. A representative of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, one member
6. A representative of the Region of C. Macedonia, one member
7. A representative of the Ministry of Macedonia – Thrace, one member
8. A representative of Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, one member
9. A representative of the Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece, one member
10. A representative of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Small and Medium Industries, one member
11. A representative of the Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki, one member
12. A representative of the Traders' Association of Thessaloniki, one member
13. Representative of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, one member