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TIF-Helexpo expanding its extroversion

TIF-Helexpo is expecting immediate, visible results from the intensification of its contacts and the exploration of partnerships with Chinese exhibition organisers and enterprises interested in exporting to or investing in our country.

This was the culmination of the visit by the President of TIF-Helexpo, Mr Tassos Tzikas, and the CEO, Mr Kyriakos Pozrikidis, to Beijing and Shanghai, within the framework of the official government delegation accompanying the Prime Minister, who recently visited China.

More specifically, the meetings held with ten exhibition organisers from the Chinese state and private sector resulted in specific interest in the participation of Chinese enterprises in the largest trade fairs organised by TIF-Helexpo, such as Philoxenia, Hotelia, Detrop and Freskon.

Chinese interest is focused on tourism and Greek agricultural products, as well as exports of machinery and industrial products to our country.

During the visit to China, the administration of TIF-Helexpo

visited the Beijing Exhibition Centre and met with the deputy general director of the Chinese Investment Promotion Agency.

Furthermore, meetings were held at the Shanghai Chamber in order to explore potential partnerships with representatives of agencies and private enterprises organising participations in international fairs and exhibitions.

The internationalisation of the activities of TIF-Helexpo and the expansion of its partnerships in China is the most fertile opportunity for the initiative by the national exhibition agency to nominate China as the guest of honour at the 2017 General Fair.