64% increase in trade visitors for 11th ARTOZYMA

ARTOZYMA’s major appeal to the bakery and confectionery industry

The 11th ARTOZYMA International Exhibition for Bakery, Confectionery, Machinery, Equipment & Ready-made Products, which ended yesterday at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre with a 64% increase in trade visitors, is clearly in the DNA of the bakery sector.

In three days full of flavours, aromas, and business openness, ARTOZYMA attracted international trade visitors and hosted buyers from Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Serbia, and the United Arab Emirates.

ARTOZYMA attracted visitors from all over Greece, including IEK and EPAL students, as well as members of bakers and confectioners associations.

This year’s ARTOZYMA, which was held for the first time since 2016 without Detrop Boutique, recorded a 44% increase in exhibition spaces and a 46% increase in the number of direct exhibitors compared, to 2022. The expo attracted 206 exhibitors (direct and indirect), 19 of whom were direct international exhibitors from 8 countries (Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Tajikistan, Cyprus, Poland, Italy, and Iran). Furthermore, ARTOZYMA hosted more than 100 international full hosted buyers and members of trade delegations.

ARTOZYMA’s programme of side events was a panorama of new trends, new products, and styles and innovation on bread, baked goods, and desserts.

Stand-out events included presentations of the National Baking Team, as well as seminars by Italian master baker and confectioner, Matteo Manuini, who presented new techniques in bakery and confectionery doughs. In addition, the 6th Pan-Hellenic Bread Championship was also held, as well as the Pastry Lab creative workshop, where acclaimed pastry chefs created inspired desserts with original materials.

Visitors to the exhibition also attended workshops, as well as seminars by the Hellenic Association of Food Technologists.

TIF-HELEXPO would like to offer its warmest thanks to the all exhibitors, visitors, sponsors, and partners, whose unwavering support contributed to ARTOZYMA’s success.

ARTOZYMA will meet with the bakery and confectionery sector again in February 2026.