TIF - HELEXPO doorway to Latin America spearheaded by the Andean states

Proposal submission to highlight the Andean Community as an Honoured Region in one of the upcoming TIFs

MoU between TIF-HELEXPO and the Exporters Association of Peru


TIF-HELEXPO opened a channel of communication with Latin America, especially the Andean states, during the visit of TIF-HELEXPO President, Mr Tassos Tzikas, to Peru last week, on the occasion of which a proposal was submitted by the company for the Andean Community to be the ‘Honoured Region’ in one of the upcoming TIFs. During the visit – which was supported by the Greek Embassy in Peru and the Greek Ambassador, Ms Eleni Lianidou – Mr Tzikas had a series of meetings with Peruvian bodies, as well as the Andean Community (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia), with a view to promoting trade and economic cooperation.

More specifically, the President of TIF-HELEXPO met with the Secretary-General of the Andean Community, Ambassador Gonzalo Gutiérrez, at the Community’s headquarters in Lima, where potential collaborations on an exhibition, economic, and trade level were discussed.

Furthermore, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between TIF-HELEXPO and the Exporters Association of Peru (ADEX) by Mr Tassos Tzikas and the President of ADEX Mr Julio Pérez Alván, in the presence of the Community’s Board of Directors.

The MoU provides for, among other things, regular contact between the two bodies for the exchange of economic and business information on Peru and Greece, the promotion of participation in local or international exhibitions organised by the two sides, and the discussion of new actions and opportunities to strengthen economic, trade, and investment relations between Greece and Peru.

In 2023, trade between Greece and Peru came to $41.3 million, while Greece ranked 68th as a Peruvian product importer, figures that indicate the wide margin for further strengthening trade relations.

“This Memorandum is the beginning of a productive collaboration that will allow us to promote the goods and services of Peru and Greece,” stated Mr Julio Pérez Alván, President of ADEX, during the signing of the MoU. TIF-HELEXPO President Mr Tassos Tzikas and the Greek Ambassador to Peru, Ms Eleni Lianidou, underlined the dynamic prospects of the two countries and agreed that the Memorandum will pave the path for the exploitation of existing opportunities. “We want TIF-HELEXPO, both through the Memorandum and the Honoured Region proposal we have submitted, as well as through the more general contacts we have made, to act as a bridge for the exploitation of the great potential of an unexplored market for Greece, in which many Greek communities are active in business,” Mr Tzikas stressed.

During his visit to Peru, the President of TIF-HELEXPO also met with the diplomatic adviser of the country’s President and future Ambassador of Peru to Greece, Mr Arturo Arcinega Calderón, with the Deputy Ministers of Tourism and Foreign Trade, Ms Madeleine Rosa Maria Burns Vidaurrazaga and Ms Terésa Mera Gomez, with the Board of Directors of the Greek Chamber of the Andes, with TIF-HELEXPO becoming an honorary member, and with the

President of the Organisation of Promotion of Peru (Prom Perú), Ms Angélica Graciela Matsuda Matayoshi.

The meetings received significant publicity from widely circulated newspapers, news agencies, and electronic media in Peru.

The president of TIF-HELEXPO also participated in the celebration of the Greek national holiday of 25 March in the Latin American country.