212,363 visitors at in the 86th TIF Visitor numbers returned to pre-pandemic levels and exploded in comparison to 2021

More than 200,000 visitors were welcomed by the 86th TIF from 10 to 18 September, in scenes reminiscent of pre-pandemic traffic, confirming that it is indeed the largest exhibition event in Greece. More specifically, there were 212,363 visitors, a number significantly increased in comparison to the 85th TIF, and closer to 2019 levels. The people returned to the TIF, which created an atmosphere of celebration in central Thessaloniki for 9 days, also providing the opportunity for a wealth of business contacts.

The 86th TIF was enhanced both as regards quality and quantity, with almost 1500 exhibitors and 19 international and state participations, including the United Arab Emirates, while 343 businesses attended the event under the umbrella of the Union of Hellenic Chambers and 46 Chambers from all over Greece. The TCCI, the PCT, and the ACCI participated individually.

Pavilion 13 of the United Arab Emirates, this year’s Honoured Country, was a pole of attraction. It was constantly filled with regular visitors who were excitedly attending the side event, as well as entrepreneurs exploring potential partnerships with 65 enterprises and entities of the public and private sector of the UAE. In fact, the number of business meetings between Arab and Greek enterprises exceeded 1000, with the help of the Federation of Greek Industries (SVE). Many of the meetings were held outside the original schedule, indicating the major interest for making business contacts. In fact, several partnerships were achieved with

Greek SMEs during the week. The United Arab Emirates companies participating in the 86th TIF came from the sectors of investment management, energy, foods-beverages, defence, space technology, tourism, shipping, real estate, etc. The head of the delegation was the Minister of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, His Excellency, Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri. At the same time there was a wealth of side events by the Honoured Country, with traditional dances, local gastronomy, and falcon hunting presentations, during which the royal falcons made quite an impression.

The Centenary Tribute to the Asia Minor Catastrophe was attended en masse, turning heads with the interactive nature and wealth of the exhibits. In fact, many of the people who visited pavilion 6 were visibly moved. The first section of tribute was the audiovisual homage ‘CENTURY... in Ionia, Thrace, and Pontus’, organised by TIF-Helexpo in partnership with the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece. Historical curating and the collection of archive materials was overseen by alternate professor of Contemporary Balkan History at University of Macedonia, Mr Vlasis Vlasidis, the original music was composed by Mr Giannis Aiolou, and the tribute was overseen-directed-technically composed by N-CODE LLC Audiovisual Productions. TIF-Helexpo came up with the concept and implemented its production. The second section of the tribute explored the periodic exhibition of the Municipality of Thessaloniki titled ‘1922-2022: waves of refugees, amalgams of memory’. The exhibition material was designed by a multi-member, interdisciplinary interaction by museologists, prestigious historians, and external partners.

There was also a lot of traffic at the 9 thematic features of the 86th TIF, which covered a broad range of interests. Greece and Entrepreneurship, Digital Greece, Akademia, Circular Economy, Vehicles – e-mobility, Gastronomy, International Participations, e-politeia, and Furniture-Household Equipment composed a multifaceted exhibition, satisfying business and consumer interests. TIF-Helexpo adopted the FORWARD FOR GREEN slogan at the 86th TIF and it hosted interesting activities and initiatives on recycling in action.

The music events returned to this year’s event and left their mark. Renowned popular artists took to the stage of the TIF and got the crowd going.

The Thessaloniki Helexpo Forum was held for the third time this year in the framework of the 86th TIF, in partnership with bilateral chambers of commerce (the German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce, the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Thessaloniki, the Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Development, and the French-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry), with the participation of dozens internationally distinguished speakers.

The Official Supporter of the 86th TIF was Papastratos, the Official Air Travel Sponsor was Aegean, the Official Telecommunications Provider was WIND, the Official Bank was the National Bank of Greece, the Official Energy Provider was PPC, the Official IT Partner was Singular Logic, and the Beer of the 86th TIF was ‘NYMFI THESSALONIKIS’.

The Music Event Hospitality Sponsor was Capsis Hotel, the VIP Transportation Sponsor was Limousines VIP Services Greece, the Transportation Sponsor was Drive, and the Catering Sponsor was Samiotakis.

The gold sponsor of the TIF-Helexpo tribute ‘A century... in Ionia, Thrace, and Pontus’, organised in partnership with KEDE, was IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES and it is supported by HAITOGLOU BROS SA.

The TIF was organised under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior (Macedonia – Thrace).

In the coming period TIF-Helexpo will start preparing for the 87th TIF, while it will have organised some of its largest trade fairs by the end of the year.