LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTS THESSALONIKI EXPO by O.MIND CREATIVES at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre

It will be organised alongside FRESKON from 11 to 13 April 2024

TIF-HELEXPO’s partnership strategy in the exhibition sector is long-standing and consistent

A new exhibition on logistics and transports in Thessaloniki, the LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTS THESSALONIKI EXPO, organised by O.MIND CREATIVES, will be welcomed to the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre by TIF-HELEXPO in the new year, in the framework of a mutual partnership. The new exhibition event will be held from 11 to 13 April 2024 alongside FRESKON, and it will be intensely open in character and Balkan-oriented. The addition of the new exhibition to TIF-HELEXPO’s calendar highlights the long-standing partnership strategy that the company has been developing in the exhibition sector, maximising benefits both for its own events, as well as for the local economy by increasing the number of days that the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre is in operation.

Given that the new event aims to consolidate neighbouring countries that have a systematic partnership with northern Greece and the rest of the country, as regards exports and logistics, there are obvious synergy prospects that will arise from FRESKON, TIFHELEXPO’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable International Trade Fair, which attracts an importance presence of Balkan retail chains. FRESKON is the reference point for developments in the fresh produce sector, as it is the largest meeting of producers, international retail groups, and domestic and international transporters in South-eastern Europe. The sectors that LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTS THESSALONIKI EXPO covers, include transports and logistics companies, storage equipment, lifting equipment, shelving and automations, IT technologies, and professional vehicles.

The exhibition event will be framed by the LOGI.C conferences brand. The organising company, O.MIND CREATIVES, has been organising the SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS exhibition in Athens since 2007, while it publishes Supply Chain & Logistics magazine.