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Beyond 4.0: The groundwork has been laid to turn Thessaloniki into an innovation and technology hub in SE Europe

The first event was a resounding success

The first Beyond 4.0 laid the groundwork for highlighting itself as the leading innovation and technology fair in Greece. It was organised from 14 to 16 October at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre and it made an excellent impression on sector professionals. Everyone agreed that this type of exhibition event was missing from the market and that its arrival covered a gap that was there, as well as the needs for the promotion of trade agreements in the sector. By transitioning from Infosystem to Beyond 4.0, the first step was taken to bring Thessaloniki back to the forefront of new technologies. The new event clears the path for promoting Thessaloniki into an innovation and technology hub for Southeastern Europe.

The Beyond 4.0 fair, on ‘The Future of Artificial Intelligence’ was warmly welcomed by major businesses in new tech and IT, as well as by startups that are taking their first steps in the business world. During these three days, innovative products and actions were presented by entrepreneurs, the academic and business community, as well as local government.

There was high attendance at all the congresses and events-presentations of Beyond 4.0, such as the AI BEYOND Forum, which focused on artificial intelligence. Side events that stood out at the fair included the Technology Forum, the Industry 4.0 Forum, the 2nd Congress for Innovation & the Digital Transformation of Local Government of the Regions of Greece, the 2nd Thessaloniki Design Week, the WMF Worldwide Event Greece 2021, and the ‘MCE From Here to Where?’ conference. Leading Greek and international speakers brought with them the sector’s buzz and presented all the latest developments, as well as everything new that’s coming in the near future, capturing the attention of audiences.

Meanwhile, from 14 to 16 October at the ‘I. Vellidis’ Congress Centre, the annual regular congress of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) was held. The Union supported from the very first moment Beyond 4.0 ‘The World is changing. Local government is stepping forward’, which focuses on the necessary digital transformation of municipalities, as well as the prospects of Smart Cities, highlighting the need for new technologies in local government.

The first multifaceted digital technology and innovation event in Greece attracted180 exhibitors of which 60 were startups. International participations (direct and indirect) came from Cyprus, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, and N. Macedonia. Participants also included the ministries of Digital Governance, Development and Investments, the Interior, Finance, and Citizen Protection, while the Regions of Central Macedonia, Attica, and Crete were also dynamically present.

Beyond 4.0 was organised by TIF-Helexpo, Be-Best, and Industry Disruptors Game Changers (IDGC). The event was supported by the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, which will be at the side of Beyond 4.0 in 2022 as well. Some of the most important IT and high tech companies internationally and in Greece supported Beyond 4.0 through their sponsorship. Specifically, Cisco, Info Quest Technologies, Intracom Telecom, Oktabit, and IBM (Gold Sponsors), as well as Singular Logic, Lancom, Performance, and InTrust (Sponsors).

Exhibitors and visitors have been invited to the next event, to be held from 29 September to 1 October 2022.